Anonymous said: Is this the official tumblr?

We’re not connected to Starship or Boyfriend in any way, we’re just a fan base ^^

- Soonja~

Anonymous said: Is YoungMin gay or straight?

He’s straight! ^^

 —- Almiraa ♥

[NEWS/UPDATE] Boyfriend shows off a classy look in a black and white pictorial

Rookie group Boyfriend recently gained much attention in the online world through a black and white photoshoot.

In the shots, the six members showed off a look that contrasted from their familiar cute image by sporting chic suits. The juxtaposition of their innocent and boyish faces with the manly and mature outfits created a look that sent many fans’ hearts aflutter. This black and white photoshoot is rumored to have been shot for a large cosmetics company advertisement.

Netizens who viewed the photos commented, “Are they making a comeback soon?” , “What is the photoshoot for?” and, “They certainly matured a lot!

In related news, Boyfriend recently signed a contract with Japanese management agency ‘Bing‘, which houses major artists like B’zZARD, and Kuraki Mai, and will be launching a debut showcase on June 30th.

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Anonymous said: do youngmin have yeoja?

Does Youngmin have a girlfriend? Nope~

- Soonja~ 

Anonymous said: Oh I really love this blog because I'M a big fan of boyfriend.. I Got addicted to their songs like I listen to them the whole day..

Thank you so much anon~ ^^
Even if we don’t update that much, we appreciate all our followers!

- Soonja~ 

[Fact] At the twins’ party, Youngmin and Kwangmin said that they have not had their first kiss before.


Cr: MoTTTong.

[Translation] 120421 Answering questions at the twins' party (Pt.3)

  • Request: Do aegyo.
  • Kwangmin: (pushes Youngmin off the stool)
  • Youngmin: (turns to glare at Kwangmin)
  • Kwangmin: (does aegyo)
  • Cr: MoTTTong.

★ BFW ★보이프렌드월드★: [News] Boyfriend to make Japanese debut at the Budokan this summer >>


After hitting a home run with their title tracks, “Boyfriend“, “Don’t Touch My Girl“, and “I’ll Be There“,Boyfriend is ready to enter the Japanese market with ‘Bing‘!

The boys recently signed a contract with Japanese management agency ‘Bing’, which houses major artists like B’z,

fyeaminwoo said: Hi :) Can I ask you what site I can get updates of Boyfriend? Thank You :)

boyfriend-champion is one that updates frequently about the boys compared to other fan bases…

- Soonja~ 

Anonymous said: How can I be an admin for this tumblog?

Well considering that I don’t see the owner on often… I’m not sure if we can get new members for the blog…

If you come off anon, I can probably organise something… As well as asking the owner about what to do with the blog :)

- Soonja~