Anonymous said: What's Youngmin's favorite color? Black or Yellow?

Youngmin’s favourite colour, I believe, is yellow :)

- Soonja~

Anonymous said: How many minutes Young min older than Kaung min?

I assume you’re the same anon that asked this previously but since we are busy we hadn’t answered this yet.

Anyways, I believe Youngmin is 6 minutes older than Kwangmin :)

- Soonja~

Anonymous said: helloo~ that anon that was speaking another language was asking whether kwangmin has a girlfriend? (heheh just trying to help)

Ah thank you!!
So the answer to that is no. Kwangmin does not have a girlfriend that we know of :)
- Soonja~

Anonymous said: kwangmin sudah punya pacar atau belum

I’m sorry I can’t understand what you’re trying to ask… Please keep questions in English :) Even if it’s worded weirdly, we’ll still be able to understand~

- Soonja~

Anonymous said: Has Jo Youngmin girlfriend?

Nope as much as we know, Youngmin is very much single :)

- Soonja~

[121120] Boyfriend’s Kwangmin makes fans swoon in bed pictorial

Boyfriend‘s Kwangmin made fans swoon with a recent photo shoot.

Photos of Kwangmin posing on a bed were uploaded onto an online community site under the title,“Boyfriend’s Kwangmin! Are his legs really that long? He shows off his [amazing looks] for the bed pictorial.” The photos show Kwangmin wearing a simple white t-shirt and pajama pants, while nestling in matching white sheets and pillows.

Netizens commented, “He has a combination of outstanding visuals and proportions”, “The bed pictorial makes my heart flutter!”, and more.

In other news, Boyfriend’s new album ‘Janus‘ recently topped Hanteo music charts.


Boyfriend will be casting in Hello Baby Season 7! It had been scheduled to start shooting this December! Cr: Idol_Say



Anonymous said: cham~ do you really gonna shut this blog? kuromyeon, waeyo? >.<

It’s only a possibility! We’re all still in talks about what we should do but we may still continue running this blog :)

I myself have been extremely busy as I’m in my last years of schooling so I should be concentrating on school OTL And the other admins do have their own lives as well so it’s all just a matter of what’s gonna happen next~

From what I think right now, I think we’re leaning towards continuing the blog :)

- Soonja~

mandyuki-su said: Which twin is which in the Janus MV? I think Youngmin was the devil and Kwangmin was the angel but my friend is saying the opposite. I can't really see their faces clearly so I'm not really sure ><

Your friend is right~ Youngmin was the angel and Kwangmin was the devil ^^

- Soonja~

Sorry for the spam!

I thought it was about time to answer all unanswered questions that have been lying in the ask for sometime. Questions pertaining to purchasing albums and such have been deleted since it’s been a while since those questions have been asked. Any questions that were not clear have also been deleted.

Thank you for all the followers for staying with us despite our long hiatus! All of us have been very busy with school and our own personal lives to maintain this blog so thank you to everyone once again!

- Soonja~